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Bed Bug Treatment

Pest Control in Riverside and Orange Counties

Pest Control Service and Maintenance

We all know the feeling of being perpetual prey, but with proactive pest control management you can avoid having your home an ant or spider’s traveling road show. Titan Pest Defense has got everything covered – from ants in kitchens to bees and mice out front!

Flying Insects

These pesky bugs are driving us crazy! The more the weather warms up and then rains, the greater number of swarms you’ll notice. They could be flies or other flying creatures that just won’t go away- our experienced technicians can come in to start taking steps for their removal right away

Is Pest Control Necessary

We recommend pest control treatments on a quarterly basis or even bi-monthly to effectively prevent common pests. If you move into your new home, without first getting rid of any unwanted guests, it will likely ruin your move! For more serious cases (and those who live in warmer climates), monthly treatment over 3 – 6 months is advised; this ensures that all potential problems are taken care off as soon as possible so things don’t get out if hand. Building Size, location, and type of pest can all come into play also to determine the frequency of visits.

Our Process

The goal of Titan Pest Defense is to provide balance between pest control benefits, public health and preservation environmental quality. We use an identification process that always starts with a thorough inspection followed by recommendation based on the needs found in your property or business. Our team will then treat any areas identified as needing attention before evaluating outcomes after treatment; this step also links into ongoing communication about progress made throughout each phase!